Easy Fabrication Program

   Hey! This is Tom Shinn, Founder and CEO of Southeast Window Fashions. I'm very excited to introduce a great opportunity for you! This opportunity is extremely valuable, and we have proof that it has worked multiple times in the past. 

   One of our best fabricators would like to speak to you, he has been working hard and smart for 2 years now, figuring out the best ways to make his fabrication as efficient as possible. His small warehouse of 3 workers puts out between 1500-1800 square feet of shutters per week. If you are new to the industry, let me tell you one thing, that's a lot of shutters. If you are seasoned to this industry, you should be very impressed. Here is something else very impressive, his 3 workers don't just fabricate these shutters, they actually install them as well!

   Meet Frank, from 5 Day Plantation Shutters. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Frank is one of our most valued Shutter Smart Fabricators. He can explain to you how he created an impressive and steady revenue stream from this program we offer.